Contents Under Pressure

Minister Ron Evans inspired the following challenge at Bible Study this evening.

Adam had the Holy Ghost and one chance to get it right. You have the Holy Ghost and Grace, His Word (Son) to ask anything in His name and it will be yours. What are you doing with it?

Will you, like Adam, choose to know good and evil? Would you choose that over the peace that passeth understanding?
 Choose God every time. Receive Him and all of His promises. Speak new life, manifest it, walk in it, right through or out of the pressure you’re under.

Getting God’s Word Out

When Christ Jesus identified himself to John’s disciples by his works, preaching the gospel to the poor was significant because it represented a leveling of the playing field. Divine favor, faith in and access to it was no longer for the wealthy few but was now being delivered to the unwashed many by the very Son of God Himself. How it appears to have morphed in the past 2000 years back into a privilege owing to an elite club is baffling. Blogging about it is one way to take the fight for God’s glory back to the streets, virtually perhaps, but such messages are increasingly available on both sides of the digital divide.