About This Site

Rumor has it, I’ve been teaching for a minute – 20 years give or take a stint or two on the admin side of the asylum. I’ve learnt some things, burnt some things and left others to wither and die. The good news is, I’ve still got enough curiosity to collect here, now, what sense has been made through the years, moments, hours.

The title of the site has nothing to do with mind-altering substances. It’s my way of getting at the intersection of the human and divine in the classroom. The point at which in teaching, freewriting, distance running, weightlifting, painting, any creative endeavor really, one becomes a vessel of The Creator. At this point of availability, abandon, submission, the doer enters what some call The Zone and is merely along for the ride. At this point one has entered Being and is more a humble witness than anything else. It is in this point of convergence that my energies are most invested and interested. We’ll see where it leads.

One thought on “About This Site

  1. I hear you and I can say that I was the vessel when I created my maze a day project and still seem to be that way with all the creativity and positivity that seems to surround my life everyday. I appreciate your sharing your understanding of how we come to this point when we are just carrying out what our purpose is. Thank you!

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