Now Is Kairos Time

Psalms 65 verse 11 reads:

Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; thy paths drop fatness.

Expect a mighty move of God. Double blessings are on the way. Step up your game and claim them.
Be creative, positive, productive. The time for passivity is past.

Thank you, Bishop House, for your obedience, example and encouragement in 2011. We look eagerly toward the vision manifest and multiplied in 2012.

Chip, Chip

Was going to call a friend to celebrate a matrimonial breakthrough but decided to right-size the episode and lie down till it passes as all things domestic are wont to do, hence the blog’s title. Think of a bird, breaking through its shell, high above ground level and you’ll be closer to scale.

Rather than breakthrough, I can say I may have been treated to ring-side seats in a moment during which the human and divine coincided. Now, before you protest that such things happen all the time, allow me a single, ‘yes, but’. When in fact was the last time you were privy to such a coincience? My point, precisely.

All I’m saying is I was awake and mindful as it happened. Not exactly what one might call ‘flow’ but not an altogether different species of experience either. Perhaps at more advanced levels of spiritual warfare one isn’t relieved when the dust begins to settle, but here, in the infantry, we sag ever so slightly when victory over self is declared.

Mission Possible

Had an unexpectedly wonderful lunch with a genuine human being today. It was unexpected because it was a timeshare sales event. One of the friends who went with me did not have the same experience – not even close. Unless one considers public ridicule wonderful. My rep had not only time for detours but had personal anecdotes to contribute as we journeyed. She covered the required bases, answered my few questions, and broke down the benefits proposed. At first opportunity you can rest assured I will remember her humanity.

Who Are We Kidding?

Just watched Sissy Spacek in Beyond the Call and am reminded that there are hurts we cannot hide. They must simply be held. Hurts like war or incest where the victims are innumerable must be made room for until we are able to end them. Making room does not entail the silence of complicity. But it does require a paradigm shift such as has yet to be seen. It requires those who do not consider themselves victims to take preventative steps as though they were about to be.
Thank you, Veterans, for serving in wars you did not have the luxury to declare or decline. Welcome home. Thank you, Survivors of other kinds. May you soon dwell in peace in homes worthy of you where the ones you love are not the enemy.

The Fat Lady Singing

Beethoven makes wonderful music for grading portfolios. The Berlin Symphony Orchestra’s rousing rendition of his 5th symphony, now playing on iTunes radio, provided the perfect balance of light and heat to enable me to salvage something praise-worthy in an otherwise lackluster (by comparison to those most recently read, though splendid in comparison to this specific student’s previous work) Legacy. Though extremely slow-going, the grading of portfolios is perhaps my favorite part of the semester. Students prove to themselves in the process of writing an introductory letter (their Legacy) to incoming students, what and how they’ve mastered course objectives during the semester. We lose more than a few along the way yet retain enough to forgive the casualties if such a thing is required or possible. Everyone can learn – perhaps not on my watch – but I have it on good authority that I am a teacher who cares enough to support learners to achieve the high standards transformative learning requires.

Finding A True Question

To get a true answer you must find a true question. Sadly, they don’t grow on trees. If one posits the trouble with capitalism run amok is not those indifferent few among the haves who give the otherwise benevolent, though similarly shrink-wrapped in patterns of learned helplessness, remaining members of the owning class a bad name, but the many colluding have-nots who, in a tragic twist of equally oppressive self-delusion, would simply trade places with the haves they outwardly despise yet secretly -until recently- seek to emulate, what then? How does one replace myopia of either strain with a compassionate, dynamic, engaged, informed self-interest? Is that closer to a true question?