The Finished Work

Today’s challenge from Oswald Chambers:

Whatever it is, God will point it out with persistence until we are entirely His.

Isn’t it humbling to be loved so much.

Bishop Charles Ellis, III preached on putting an end to fear from Psalms 37:18-25 at this evening’s historic opening Joint Session of the Pentecostal Churches of Apostolic Faith and Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. If we believe in the finished work, favor, not fear, becomes the focus of our lives.

Humble in Prayer and Thanksgiving

What a concept! I don’t believe I’ve ever considered humility as a conscious and constant prerequisite for gratitude or prayer yet it makes all the sense beyond this world. The last time I lay before the Lord imploring more grace than I had yet accepted, it didn’t occur to me that I was being arrogant. I thought of myself (if I thought at all consciously) as being merely desperate.

Looking back I have to acknowledge that the very stench of entitlement that I accuse others of wearing as a mantle was draped so heavily about my own shoulders that only grace can justify why such prayers are ever answered. Obvious, perhaps, but clear as a bell now.

All this time I appear to have been waiting for a private encounter with The Big Guy Himself when all I needed to do was step out of the way, turn my back on the mirror of self, and get on my knees, more than physically. He’s all ways there, here, everywhere and He’s Able! If you haven’t guessed already, Oswald Chambers has a stinging reminder for that as well:

It is not true to say that God wants to teach us something in our trials: through every cloud He brings, He wants us to unlearn something. His purpose in the cloud is to simplify our belief until our relationship to Him is exactly that of a child – God and my own soul, other people are shadows.

Go figure: As an educator, I get to unlearn a few things. Can I get an amen on that one.

Moving Beyond ‘I Can’t’

Notes from segments on tonight’s Praise the Lord (TBN).

To be spiritually fit in a physically fit body, forgive / release all, use the John 10:10 scale and eat the Word of God daily. See Switch On My Brain Academy, consider Beyond Organics and speak life over everything that concerns you. Remember:

Faith is not hindsight but proclaiming the mountaintop when you’re lying face down, naked in the valley.                                – Author Jordan Rubin

And since we know faith without works is dead, we need to act on the best information available in every area of our lives. Maximized Living suggests ways we can move from theory to practice of our faith and stewardship of the temples God has entrusted to our care.

Jon Oral Nash reminds us that the life more abundantly that Jesus promised can only manifest in a context of grace. Financial healing comes from applying 2 Cor 9:8 to our situation. He further underscores the need to eradicate fear now, from the root because if you don’t:

The fear you will not face becomes the mountain you will have to climb.

Fear and faith cannot co-exist. If you need help replacing an addiction to bad news, watch The Evidence and be ready to give up toxic thinking.