Riddle Me This, Batman

Finished grading the term’s submissions an hour before quitting time today. That constitutes a personal best to be sure. I’m not finished as there are three who’ve yet to complete assignments. All three have been given the same extension. Two are working to finish. One went to the department head for an over-ride to withdraw in the last week of the semester. Of the first two, one got derailed by challenges in her family life. The other’s job diverted his attentions. The third had technical difficulties which I suspect were real enough but not sufficient excuse for shoddy work on the submissions he did post.

What I wonder is why do some students feel entitled to ask for a bailout and others take responsibility for their fates? Is this class conditioning? Culture? Not gender given there is one male on both sides of this equation. Perhaps it’s not privilege, but a history of having someone take your part and a resulting expectation that such should continue. In a perfect world, this should be everyone’s experience. But what’s the purpose of a withdrawal policy in the first place?