Curriculum Committee & Independent Consulting

Took the next step to complete the course proposal process today by waiting for the dean to return from a lunch meeting to sign the revised proposal form. The responses from colleagues at sister institutions gave me an opportunity to call, more than a few times, a colleague who has always been dear to my heart. She obliged with advice, encouragement and her wry blend of humor and hyperbole that kept me chuckling even after we’d hung up the phone. We walked together to the Dean’s Office and hung out there getting to know the dean and each other through talking-story. She clued me in to the fact that I had yet another two signatures to secure and that they would not be available until Monday. In the meantime, the Dean generously offered, and I accepted, to take the form to a meeting on another campus tomorrow. There, she will attempt to secure one of the signatures needed and see that the original get back to me for anything remaining.

Upon leaving her office I forewent the dash to the consignment store where a tree we purchase last month is still waiting for us to claim it. It’s been quite funny attempting to secure a truck and today I finally asked the shopkeeper how much they would charge to deliver it. The fact that the tree cost barely $10 more than delivery, we decided to find another way of getting the tree home, having declined the offer of yesterday’s handyman to pick it up – for  a fee. We’ll try to wedge it into our truck tomorrow. It was great that the ginormous prints we purchased yesterday fit in the back with the passenger seat folded forward. Why shouldn’t a six-foot tree fit.

After deciding in favor of heading home after dropping off a recently discovered, year+-old Make-A-Wish Foundation donation, I headed to the supermarket to grab a little more than a few things for tonight’s DoTerra Essential Oils class. It was a great success though several people who confirmed did not join us. One friend joined me as an Independent Product Consultant before she left and ordered a great enrollment kit to safeguard her family’s wellness for a long time to come. I’m just glad I took the first step and shared something that’s made such a great difference in my life.