You Are A Writer, So Start Acting Like One

Jeff Goins is perhaps the most quotable and readable writer in the blogosphere and beyond today. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed receiving his newsletters and been blessed by the tips on writing I’ve shared with students during the past year since I began reading his work. I read Wrecked when he first launched it during my weeks of going green, while commuting to work on the bus last summer. Then, I took up the gauntlet and got the intended thunk to the back of the head from his You Are A Writer, So Start Acting Like One. It’s provocative to the point of borderline cantankerous and I can’t tell you just what good company he makes! Go read him for yourself. Just be sure to pay attention. Goins doesn’t waste a word.

We don’t notice evolution, because it happens slowly over time. The same is true for how “quickly” our kids grow, how we achieve goals, and how we master our life’s work.