Tales of Blunderwoman

Whoever said no good deed will go unpunished was onto something. For the best laid schemes o’ not only Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley. I went to campus to make a single phone call to a student. Having started God’s day with only two hours of sleep under my belt, I was hungry and thirsty when I got there and so decided to stop at the bookstore for a bottle of Cran-Apple juice.

Who can say where the wrong turn actually began. Was it before or after dropping M’Dear at Drama Camp? Or, was it before or after stopping at Smith’s for the next week’s supply of snacks? Or before or after snapping a photo of the two-seater garden glider on sale for 40% off out front? Certainly M’Dear’s being rejected at the 2nd camp for their having reached their 300-head capacity came after, as did test-driving the Escape Hybrid, eating the last of what should have been award-winning cantaloupe, attending Bible Study, and hearing the note of true aggression enter into the dogs’ usual rough-housing.

Whenever the regrettable turn was taken, it led me, at precisely the wrong moment, to offer a suggestion to the person in line ahead of me in the college bookstore. The following gaffe took place in Spanish:

Me: Do you have a cellphone with internet access?

Customer ahead of me (after seeking clarification from the woman standing with him): No.

Me: Well, if you did, you’d be able to look up words on it and save the expense of the dictionary. Not that all professors allow cellphone use in their classes…

Foot in mouth began tasting a bit salty at about this point in the not exactly reciprocal conversation as the shorter, older Latina beside the man in front of me, looked at me, smiled that pitying smile of near-tolerance and all but imperceptibly moved a hair’s breath closer to the register to draw attention to the worlds’ distance apart that we in fact already were. A full sneer would have been unnecessary for I am, if little else, sensitive enough at least to know when I’m speaking in impossibilities.

No, I hadn’t taken the time to take in all the details available before opening my mouth. I hadn’t noted the GED Preparation Manual in his hand, the south-of-the-border clothing and footwear; nor the cultural cloaking device that I’d unwittingly trespassed. That is, I hadn’t given myself to acknowledge all these details until it was well beyond too late. She paid for his materials and the two left, after a brief exchange with the cashier who, though a warm acquaintance of mine, felt compelled to do what she could in the direction of swaddling them in a cocoon of familiar questions comparing where she and they were from in order to neutralize my remarks which, in hindsight, may have felt like the psychological equivalent of an old-school wax job. Honestly. A cell phone with internet access! I might just as well have asked if he’d planned to purchase a small chain of financial institutions on Wall Street while he awaited his green card. I guess I can chalk this up to preparation for the convocation presentation on building intercultural competency. Ugh.

Surely an antidote exists in Pastor’s Word of Hope message from this evening’s Bible Study. He focussed on verses 30- end in Luke chapter 12 and Ecclesiastes 7:1-7, encouraging us to stick it out and let God build our faith.

Trouble in Paradise

Ever have one of those extended moments when you could not remember something you do regularly? Take say a math equation, for example, a formula that say you use every semester, each time you grade a particular assignment. Well, the Midterm grades were [over]due and I had already talked myself to remembering how to solve for X with a friend with a math mind last week. Only I was driving and so couldn’t write it down and so found myself relying on memory to serve where it had already proven unreliable. Then, as the week progressed, that section of the grading fell lower on the priority list of assignments to read as others were submitted. An email from a student this evening reminded me where I’d left off.

Earlier in the day, I’d had trouble accessing the internet and finally figured out that I hadn’t paid the bill. Reconciling this while working on the desktop in the office, I forgot all about the issue until after dinner. See a pattern here? This time however, when the internet was sluggish, I decided to high-tail it to the coffee shop on the corner offering free wifi. I was doubly rewarded for my efforts by the server who, not once but twice, offered me free, full-sized samples of their desserts. I brought the second one home for M’Dear who, though she’d recovered from the reprimand following bouts with gluttony and self-centeredness at Sweet Tomatoes, probably still could use a hug. More on raising other people’s children later.

At any rate, though the internet was ready to receive the grades, my memory was not so poised to yield up the formula to calculate them. Fortunately, a woman who spoke only Turkish was seated beside me so I had to struggle through on my own. Jesus is my help! Not only that, but everyone I knew on both coasts and several continents were probably already asleep so, necessity being the mother of invention, I noodled along until I recalled how to calculate the simple 98 over 100 is x over 20 equation. Doh! I also answered the email I’d received and posted the Extra Credit link at least one student had inquired after, hence I fergot to post this blog till now. Sheesh.


Spent most of the day with Hubby while shuttling M’Dear hither and yon and grading the first Discussion Board for the week. Coming out of a resto for lunch, we saw a 2012 Prius. One thing led to another and well, I ditched the idea of waiting for the Nissan Leaf to make it to the Vegas Valley, stopped by the Honda Showroom and got a quote from Ford. We’ll continuing waiting for the next move of God in that and other areas.

We also tried to figure out how to get a mini vacation in tonight and tomorrow night but given the upcoming Independence Day weekend, all the places we could drive to easily were already booked. We stopped by Sweet Tomatoes as a consolation prize.

Early in the morning, God started whispering in my ear. I rose up singing and was led at once to Isaiah 61. It dawned in consciousness as confirmation of so very many things that distilled as revelation as I read and re-read the verses. Parts of yesterday’s sermon became clearer and I was able to share those with Hubby over breakfast, note for note. PTL! Portions of sermons from previous Bible Studies and guest pastors’ prophecies were brought again to my remembrance and a sense of mission was re-calibrated and refocused for God’s glory. Indeed, today was a red-letter day in more ways than one. I was left with an abiding sense of purpose and understood, as never before, how important it really is to reclaim and hold the territory for God’s Kingdom on Earth. And this knowing settled into my bones: If you leave the field, you cannot win it for Jesus. You’ve got to be in it to win it. For even when the battle is His, the victory is ours, if we endure unto the end. Checkmate.

Too Good to Keep to Myself

An open, lightly edited, letter to my Sister.

Reishi Grows on Trees

My husband brought home samples of Organo Gold Ganoderma Black Coffee a couple weeks ago. I was going to make a cup of coffee after speaking with you this evening to take another nap on the couch. Yes, I’d taken one after church today, and yes, coffee makes me sleepy. Instead, I decided to at least give his ‘Fuller Brush Salesman friend’ a nod, and so logged on to research Ganoderma mushroom – as yesterday’s Raw Food demo Chef Sharynne had also mentioned this ‘good’ coffee (low in acids ) as an healthful alternative. I found several credible articles and came across a recommendation for Asthma-dren for folk who suffer with upper respiratory ailments. Thought you might like to check it out in this season of accelerated supernatural spiritual assistance.

I may just try an order of Organo Gold from hubby’s friend. The first cup was not half as bitter as I expected and it left practically no grounds so I’m guessing it was mostly mushroom powder. I tried it plain, with Parmalat whole milk, and Coffeemate Italian Cream – all yummy. A bold yet smooth, earthy coffee flavor.

I definitely felt a lift at once, yet remained ready to knock out for the night. Half an hour later, mellow would best describe my mood. Won’t sleep while M’Dear is outside though and night is falling …

Attached find raw notes from yesterday’s Raw Foods demo and today’s message about defeating the Kings of demonic forces brought by Rich Marshall.

Love and lingzhi!

P.S. Salt is asleep in her kennel. This is the first time I’ve heard her dreaming and snoring! Pepper walked over to her kennel as if to check on her. She stopped snoring, lifted her head to see him walking toward the front door, as if he were expecting M’Dear to walk in any moment. She went back to sleep. Pepper returned to his post underneath my chair after making his rounds. All is well chez nous.

Raw, Raw, Raw Your Food

Also check out Raw in Ten MinutesHave you ever just seen somebody you thought you should know without knowing why? That happened to me last weekend as I was checking out at Sunflower Market. I saw a face on a flyer and just felt I had to know more about her. So this afternoon, at 12:45, M’Dear and I headed West after I’d graded all but one of the remaining Process Papers for Immigrant Literature’s Midterm, and she copied a few lines from El Pos de Supremo, the Spanish version of Oswald Chambers’ devotional, My Utmost For His Highest. I’d planned to embroider a few lines from the devotional in time for Tio’s birthday, today, but haven’t quite gotten that far.

As backup, I’d bought a delightful single serving slice of Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake, and had propped a birthday card and gift card at his place setting at the dining table for when he returned home this morning at about 2 a.m. when I realized the embroidery idea wasn’t going to make the deadline, despite multiple alarms in my cellphone beginning several weeks out.

In any case, to find out more about Chef Sharynne’s smiling eyes I attended her Raw Food demo this afternoon. Dee-lish! Needless to say, I bought one copy of her book, How to Change Your Life With Raw and Living Food, for me and one for a friend living outside of Atlanta. I guess between listening to three chapters of the New Testament a day, studying, using and sharing the gospel and essential oils, and integrating more raw foods into my diet I’m truly being made a new creature from the inside out. This truly is a new season of supernatural spiritual assistance. Can’t you just feel the breakthrough coming on!

Breakthrough Moments

A friend shared a link to a blog on deciding whether to be a thermometer or a thermostat. Reading it and the accompanying commentary, I realized that until Wednesday, at home at least, I was a thermometer. I say I was a thermometer until Wednesday because about the time I was entering Bible Study that evening, I became aware of having made some kind of breakthrough and was grinning from ear to ear before I hit the door.
Nothing in my circumstances had changed to all outward appearances but something inside had definitely shifted. Many people noticed it, and early in the service, after taking a victory lap around the sanctuary, I was able to identify it as liberation. Needless to say, the tears of joyful release were streaming. I simply felt a freedom that I hadn’t felt in a very long time and I have since been able to walk in that sensation and it hasn’t left me. I am likewise confident to confess that I don’t believe it ever will. Humankind didn’t give it to me so humankind can’t take it away.

Tis the Season, of The Overflow

by Ada Flor & Reg Cartwright, Illustrator

Excitement is in the air. From M’Dear completing her first read of the summer and Pastor appearing on TBN, to walking over to the new neighbor’s with the orange butterfly chair on my head and Lavender Baby Wash in my pocket, it’s the season of the overflow. This blog will be a jumble of jubilation starting about now! Thought I was jazzed hearing Rev. Dr. Clarence McLendon’s remarks about favor as he unlocked the mysteries of the Exodus but then Pastor Clinton House came on and, shazaam! Once he got going, I could barely contain my praise. Realizing I was in my own living room, I gave myself permission to talk back to the computer and clap out loud. Raw notes follow.

Happy to make a new neighbor friend after seeing both her and her husband alternately pacing about the property with baby strapped to their chests for the last few nights running. They’re from the East Coast too. We exchanged mobile numbers and agreed to find each other on FB.

After visiting this afternoon with a colleague heading for greener pastures, literally, outside of Dallas – 20 acres to be exact – M’Dear asked to stop in to the rather fetching college library. We entered and waited to greet a another colleague busily at work helping a student understand the point of quoting and paraphrasing information. Once free, she led us directly to the children’s section apologizing for the limited selection with a step stool. M’Dear ascended at once, pulled down two titles and began reading, despite having a public library book, The Summer of May, that she is reluctant to finish waiting for her in the back seat of the car and another, purchased outright on Saturday at B n N. In any case, she tucked right into the Three Golden Oranges even before the engine had turned over and we headed to pick up Tio at work. Before going to bed, but after eating her third bowl of home made chicken soup for the day and writing in her journal, she drafted a letter to her other Aunt summarizing the story to earn the dollar promised for completing a text.

Notes from live streaming of tonght’s 7 p.m. PST TBN broadcast with Clifton Davis.

Nia Allen sang Wait
. Positively glorious – une arme essential for every gospel arsenal.

Reverend Dr. Clarence McLendon shared wisdom’s feast on Exodus 3:21-22
, reminding us that like the Children of Israel from Egypt, we are delivered for the purpose of worship.
 God had blessed Egypt for four hundred years and they would not worship him. And we are now in a similar supernatural blessing season so like the Israelites, we too should ask, prophesy and prepare.

xodus 11 verses 2 & 3 tell us to speak now, prophesy now, focus on the favor not the chaos of world events and conditions. 
We are in a season of unprecedented favor.
 Read Exodus 12:35-36 and Exodus 19:1-2

It is God’s will that we prosper – that we help people worship with every gift He gives us.

Davis asked House to speak about God defending His reputation. Pastor quoted verses in Psalms 109 and Davis the 23rd Psalm. They laughed about God being in the kitchen for some time before preparing a meal in the presence of mine enemies.

Storm strategies:

  • Go deeper in prayer.
Pace yourself.
  • Live on purpose.
  • Develop relationships
 with God and man. This may require new friends.
  • Look for new opportunities to succeed.

I was reminded of how inspired I felt during the actual sermon in which Pastor delivered the strategies listed above. And I am gratified to know that all are in progress though pacing myself still needs the most attention. The evening ended on a high note when Pastors House and Davis agreed: God works best in our valleys.
 God will fight with you and for you if you just make it to the 7th day. We count it done in Jesus’ name.

Press Your Way to The Other Side

Tonight’s message came from Isaiah 43:2, Matthew 11:12 and Luke 16:16

Pastor reminded and encouraged us: Wherever there is rule and order, there is chaos because the enemy hates order.
 Sometimes we don’t recognize what we have until the attack indicates we were effective. 
The enemy doesn’t attack when there aren’t spoils.

Luke 16:16 reads:

The law and the prophets [were] until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it (KJV).

Press your way into the kingdom with praise. Resist the attacks of the enemy as more than conquerors. Proclaim kingdom, God’s rule in your life. To advance in the kingdom, preach and press to possess what God has promised you.
 We must have unity in body, mind and spirit. For this we need an earnest heart believing that ‘when we pass through the waters, He will be with us’.

He will counsel and guide in the night season (Ps 16:7).

Proclaim the message of the kingdom with passion: Satan, you are not running things here. God is sovereign and rules [through us] in the kingdom of men!
 I am set up to win, therefore I will:

  1. Pursue in prayer

  2. Be willing to have confrontation with demonic forces.

  3. Expect the miraculous. Declare, I am the miracle in the making. [Nothing and no one can block my blessing, not even me.]

  4. Have a burning heart to evangelize as instructed in Luke 7:22.

Love the position God has placed us in. Come against every spirit of intimidation today in the name of Jesus. Prepare for warfare. Bind and loose with the authority Christ Jesus has given us – confidently, as Jesus responded, knowing his fate, in Luke 13:31-32:

He replied, “Go tell that fox, ‘I will drive out demons and heal people today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will reach my goal’ (NIV).

When we know our Shepherd and our place in His flock, forever forgiven, we will press and possess (Colossians 2:13)
. Press past the pain of this world, unbelief, spiritual indolence. God’s grace is sufficient for our success even when He doesn’t remove the thorn from our side!

Put on the garment of praise and just keep dancing! (Isaiah 61:3)                                  Join me in living the quickened life.

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified (KJV).