Raw Notes From NSHE Diversity Summit

No Equity Without Excellence

Here at the first annual NSHE Diversity Summit noticing how even in church, we must be reminded to fill the gaps, get closer, embrace difference. If inclusion is not a reflex for the majority, what can we do to make it policy and part of our measure of success?

How can you get someone into treatment if s/he doesn’t think there’s a need?
No ethnic majority @ CSN in percentages:
12 african American
11 Asian
38 white
27 Hispanic
1 Native American
4 mixed
8 undecided

Bart economic development of the region depends on the success

Numbers are not enough. Do we want the record to show that students learned inspire of us?

Diversity enriches UNLV rep
We would love to reflect the diversity of Clark County [why?]
Not possible to be strong w/o preparing students for a diverse global reality in which diversity is critical to success.
85% graduation rate
DRI John Gardner special assistant to president
G2 Gathering Geniuses program
How can we make every office a special program for implementing equity and excellence?
His nephew 4k pull-ups in 24 hrs 2k in 6 hrs on an unstable platform. Your job will be twice as hard if you start with a stable platform.
John? We are changing the course of the river.
Rosita Lee. Asian PAC Islander White House Commission on AAPI
chancellors committee
An auspicious day
We will need ethnic studies program until the average person of any culture can remember or respect something significant about every other culture.
Patrick Valdez
Challenges facing 1st gen students and their parents. Research on african American students attending Hispanic serving institutions.
We are all community members.*
“Latinos lose their language faster than other ethnicities.”
[we wouldn’t need mentors who look like us if we felt seen and heard by people who don’t.]
Like hermano Patrick how can we see ourselves as representatives of one another’s pride? Ppt
“We have a long way to go and a short time to get there.”
Race, according to the Supreme Court, is a compelling national interest.
“When does diversity in higher education equal success?”
When accountability is everyone’s
Interaction between diverse
groups happens.
When everyone identifies as a
member and advocate of a diverse
How can we make higher Ed big business than prison?
Making college mission clear to
families & the kid who sits next to
the diverse student or faculty.
To offset Cultural taxation pay faculty of color more until we are no longer minority representatives.
*How do we recruit effectively?”
Empower everyone to be
Make access and outreach
everyone’s job.
Become creative as an institution.
Do not see yourself as ivory tower.
What does community offer higher Ed?
Location – ready pipelines for
students and workforce.
Numbers of diverse groups in
A chance to be a model.
Both / and vs, either / or solutions
Acknowledge that maintaining
diversity requires educating

What’s Working in Southern Nevada? Dr. Edith Fernandez NSC
Inclusive Excellence
Gateway courses ?
consistency among instructors
Strategic faculty recruitment
Starting with a diverse pool
Cooperative agreements with community agencies and chambers
Ask for details of internal study*
Interaction with faculty
Academic challenge
Supportive campus environment
Jose Melendez @ UNLV
How do we get those not in the room into the conversation?*
What’s your secret?
“It’s not about what the students can do but what the institutions can do.”
“Ideas came from faculty senate, provost and president who lets them move forward”

Janice Glassberg CSN ATD lead x4754
Wendell Hall on College Completion
Institute For Higher Education Policy
Access problem not solved
Economic & Social public & private Benefits of higher Ed
College completion agenda 2020
Lumina ftdn
College Board
Imperatives- global, economic & equity
What’s Nevada’s city & state roadmap? Memphis case study
What would an inclusive, interactive 21st century diversity summit look like and accomplish?
To create a culture for collect completion, inclusion equity and excellence…
Lumina MSI projects
Customizing education
Walmart Success Initiative project
Focuses on 1st generation college students
Helps faculty understand why 1st gen completion is necessary
Faculty development in cohorts
Developed processes and policies that benefitted all students
Increased mindfulness about actions that support 1st gen success
Gave much recognition to faculty
Created reminder with telescope asking completing faculty to keep them open
Included non-traditional stakeholders
4 themes*
Faculty involvement

Each institution selected faculty
Thank George Dunkurst of President, Native American Chamber of Commerce for liking super students to super teachers
African American chamber provides a business incubator that CSN students use.