No Invitation Needed

For those who are called according to God’s purpose no invitations are required. Those He calls, He helps. Those He helps, He keeps. Those He keeps, He uses according to Isaiah 42:6+7.


One Master Must Die, One Already Has

We cannot serve two masters – God and self. (See My Utmost For His Highest December 14th.) Difficulty and confusion result. True repentance is not wishing you’d done otherwise because of the difficulties you encountered walking in the wrong direction. Godly sorrow,(See 2 Corinthians 7:10 and My Utmost For His Highest December 7th.) sincere repentance, comes with the realization that we have grieved the very Son of God who gave His life to reconnect us with One for whom the sin of self makes us utterly unworthy. True repentance acknowledges and turns from self-will and self-justification with a heart broken in a thousand pieces that will never fit together again in the same way. The only sacrifice worthy of Jesus’ blood is that of self and is made hourly. Living sacrifices make the journey through to identification with bleeding steps until there is only one blood remains.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon and I can get back up. The question is not so much when as what’s a higher priority – the gym or just about anything else? Trader Joe’s Nutty Bits? An extra 30 minutes of reading or sleep? Pizza? It’s time to face facts. Days of discipline for it’s own sake seem entirely over. Whence cometh the discipline I’m always telling students to find, cultivate and employ?

As One

Individual character and unity in the body of Christ are necessary as we move into the next level of faith and accountability. B. Dwayne Hardin delivered two powerful messages at Mountaintop Faith Ministries today. The Lord’s work is in fact finished. There’s work for us to do to see it manifest on earth as it is in heaven. Let’s get busy – as one.

If I Don’t Praise Him…

The rocks will cry out. Though it seems inevitable that I will forget, today I have proof enough that God is on my side! So very many little things happened around the big victories that it can only be His favor on my life. Evidence of protection, purpose, provision and more than I could think, ask or imagine were revealed to me. Can’t share the details yet so I’m leaving this place marker. Suffice it to say: Let God Arise!

A Desperate Hope

It’s been a long, hard stretch. I guess it’s not a stretch if it isn’t hard. It’s been different in kind and duration from previous seasons in my life. Tearful at work and at home, God is polishing and preparing me for His life in me to move to the next level. I can hear the shackles falling off even now, for she whom the Lord sets free is free indeed.

Regarding Hosea 6 Matthew Henry reminds us, “The returns of the favor of God are secured to us as firmly as the return of the morning after a dark night.” Later on in the same commentary he also acknowledges that, “the word of God will be death either of the sin or of the sinner.” I take comfort in both and ask You, Lord, to set up Your kingdom in me, for I know that even wild oats sown must come to harvest and that now, it’s harvest time (MSG).

Oswald Chambers’ devotional today brings further comfort:

The words of the Lord hurt and offend until there is nothing left to be hurt or offended.