Much Ado About Something

Asked to complete a survey about yet another textbook instructors are expected to force-feed students, I opt here to post my response to the question asking which text I would prefer to use. Many were the times during winter break that I thought to return to this blog and yet resisted the urge. Preparing for my sabbatical blog, I dip my digits back into the blogosphere with this entry.

Writing About World Literature by Karen Gocsik is preferred (if likely, in surveyors’ opinions, to be comparing apples and oranges) for the following reasons. 1 – Content available digitally in the public domain is sufficient for an eight-week course. 2 – Students, given the opportunity / expectation to produce Background Research, are able to provide rich context while polishing their own critical and creative thinking skills. 3 – Gocsik gets to the point elegantly in just about the fewest words imaginable.

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