Raw Notes on Canvas LMS

When the teacher is ready, the LMS will appear. Canvas is here. – Dr. K. Urbina

Built in modules, Canvas requires students progress through each unit according to your requirements.

What if scores allow students to visualize excellence.

Woohoo for drag and drop to change assignment dates!!!

You can easily create webcam overviews of any assignment AND embed outside videos by simply pasting the link inside your assignment or event.

Peer review requirement is available in ‘more options’ on assignment creation page.

Individual Accommodation options are available in Quiz Editor: extended testing time, additional attempts, etc.

Muting assignments allows you to complete grading all submissions before releasing any scores.

(Ask CD opinion) Speed grader uses existing rubrics to respond to submissions. Also available for iPad.

Switching to crocs doc from scrbd.

Grade book made hide names for anonymous grading.

Are sample study guides & standing assignments available in one location elsewhere for students and instructors?

Communal Blog or private journal tools?

How does Canvas support use of multimedia ePortfolios? See student settings.

Are teams easy to set up? Yes.

Are their ways to include all learning styles in curriculum design?

Any templates available?

Independent or imbedded Scribd account needed?


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