Life, It Turns Out, Is THAT Simple

The Things I Shouldn’t Do

I know my left hip would be better off if I sat without my right leg tucked under it, yet…

I know Morning Pages should be written before everything else, as I roll out of bed, yet I return a text, take my folic acid tablet, wash my face – sometimes even peel and eat a banana, not to mention put on a pot of steel cut oats.

I know these things and yet remain, the way I know I shouldn’t be this unhappy, this heavy of spirit, this sad or angry or double-minded every day, yet…

Today, however, in honor of President Barack Hussein Obama’s 51st birthday, before writing or even praying, I take these few words and moments to glory in the light filtering in my East-facing window, dancing through the leaves making their way across the carpet, filling my heart with a joy as true and ineluctable as one’s most holy vows.

91° Sunny
Spring Valley, Nevada, United States

May grace and mercy encircle you.


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