Today’s Paradox

There is only one kind of people in this world, Idea people and Thing people. For some of us, the trick is remembering things ARE ideas. And for the rest, it’s remembering ideas are things.


Perhaps We’re Ineducable

…But there are some of us who will never understand why education is not a right for every child on Planet Earth. Why should a nation, founded on immigrant visions, labor and dreams, having passed through (not unscathed) a civil rights movement, require a Dream Act to ensure its very future?

As an immigrant and educator I thank President Obama for his unrelenting efforts to lead a backward leadership into enlightened self-interest and applaud his intentions to leave no legislator behind.

DIY Revolution

How to start a revolution without even trying:

1. Receive the idea when it comes banging on your door; hides in plain sight waiting for you to notice; slinks around the corner feigning hard to get.
2. Share it.
3. Share it some more.
4. Don’t stop sharing it.
5. Don’t let go of the idea.

The wonderful thing about revolutions is that they’re just great ideas everyone’s been waiting for someone to put out there.

History is full of examples from Arab Spring to the Declaration if Independence, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to open source education. What revolution will you allow to use you as its catalyst?