The Search For Intelligent Life Continues

Back against the wall after receiving an ominous email from the bookstore, I scrambled to find resources for students who would otherwise be without textbook midnight tomorrow when the course opens. Since College Success students are often first semester learners taking the course online to ‘get their academic feet wet’ an online grammar tool would be deeply appreciated. I always share my favorites, Purdue’s Online Writing Lab and Dave’s ESL Cafe, but today felt compelled to find a new resource to share.

Testing the waters, having just completed a question on the use of texting language in academic discourse for the flashcard version of the syllabus, I input the following string in a website offering grammar help.

“Whatcha know? I was txtng my homie and couldn’t unerstand wtf he was sayin.”

After significant, 12 or so seconds, of beach-balling, the cyber-gremlins returned the following response:

“No writing errors were found.”

Alternatives warmly encouraged.

I pray the curiosity-seekers will forgive me for leaving the site’s name off this wall of shame.


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