Precept Upon Precept…Here And There A Little

Despite the fact that I appear to be utterly disinterested in putting the syllabus together for the two classes beginning next week, I am having a thoroughly gratifying time discovering new and old resources. In the latter category is today’s find: Facing History dot org. I first became aquainted with them while I was yet teaching and learning in Massachusetts.

Today, I tapped their Immigrants and Immigration resources borrowing a classroom set of Crossing the Blvd and several hour-length or shorter videos from their lending library. May they receive funding greater than the need for such excellent resources and may cultivating compassion become everyone’s priority.
Finally, Yes! Magazine is sponsoring their Annual National Student Writing Contest. The deadlind is March 2nd. I’ve posted details in my course shells for extra credit and will add an Each 1 Teach 1 challenge with the borrowed books. I sense a legal status problem-based project coming on and just received the idea to make the syllabus flash cards instead of the colorful but still traditional one-way, two-dimensional format! I believe TunnelBrain, a tool available through eduTECHER will do the job dynamically. May even invite learners to post their score as part of the introductions. Oh how faithful my God is and how much sweeter obedience is than sacrifice. Blessed seed, indeed! See Isaiah 44:3.


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