Chip, Chip

Was going to call a friend to celebrate a matrimonial breakthrough but decided to right-size the episode and lie down till it passes as all things domestic are wont to do, hence the blog’s title. Think of a bird, breaking through its shell, high above ground level and you’ll be closer to scale.

Rather than breakthrough, I can say I may have been treated to ring-side seats in a moment during which the human and divine coincided. Now, before you protest that such things happen all the time, allow me a single, ‘yes, but’. When in fact was the last time you were privy to such a coincience? My point, precisely.

All I’m saying is I was awake and mindful as it happened. Not exactly what one might call ‘flow’ but not an altogether different species of experience either. Perhaps at more advanced levels of spiritual warfare one isn’t relieved when the dust begins to settle, but here, in the infantry, we sag ever so slightly when victory over self is declared.

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