Excerpting Maxine Hong Kingston

In the Stephen Covey online community I set reading Kingston’s memoir-length poem as the reward for transcribing Dad’s letters to Mom. I completed the task a few days behind schedule in the first week of December. Today, the fourth week of the month, Day Two of the second full week of Winter Break, after drafting the Introduction and sending email links to the galley out for safe-keeping, I sit with Kingston’s volume in my lap having earned her lines with the sweat of my own.
She writes:
At Tiananmen Square, the man faced off the tanks with a bag of groceries in either hand, danced stepping side to side, tank moving side to side. A Chinese can dare anything, do battle, armed with bags of food.
A Jamaican, it turns out, can do battle with even less. The rumor of a worthy opponent will suffice.

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