Trail of Tears

I attend a lecture on the Indian Removal Act of 1830 in recognition of Native American History Month. These are some of my thoughts.
What % of native born Americans move out of state in adulthood? How many had to decide for themselves which side they were on?
History from a tribal persective.
War used to hide economic development agendas.
Scorched Earth policy. 
Predatory policies would not be so effective if there were not an equivalent % of those willing actively or passively to be prey and / or hopeful of becoming predators themselves.
Who decides what is enough? What values guide your definition of enough? And who wins and loses for how many generations as a result? 
How can any surrender be considered non-violent when anything that diminishes a human being – surrender among them – is violence by definition?
When, in American history, has principle trumped profit? This would make a great themes of literature class.


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