Classroom as Sacred Space

The classroom is a sacred space, sanctified by each one of us daily. The growth and development of one’s intellect as a scholar requires consecration. To consecrate, one sets oneself aside and apart. This means making time to focus on your studies. It means creating the spaces in which to get the most out of our studies before, during and after class- be those surroundings amongst like-minded friends or in settings most conducive to optimal learning.

A sacred space and acts of consecration are about something greater than personal gain, goals and glory. They are about making the class, campus, community and world better one choice at a time. To make the best choices you will need:

  • intention
  • attention
  • information
  • discretion
  • perspiration
  • motivation
  • occasion

The only victims of circumstance are those who refuse to get up when things knock them down. The only thing we have power over is how we respond to whatever happens.


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