Within Striking Distance

Isn’t it the way, that when we get close to our target be that weight-loss, a grade point average, a savings goal – anything with an intended purpose really – something invites us to self-sabotage? We can take heart even if we slip and get back up again. The real test is the grace with which we continue the journey, not the ranking of every detour. We can learn from it all.

Today again, for instance, students attend class unprepared for their presentation and throw candy at classmates for the better part of an hour when they failed to practice the first step in Habit # 1 Be Proactive. They failed to prepare for the unexpected and left the technology to the person on the team with the least comfort with its use. To their credit, they turned it into a teachable moment and said as much to class by way of what NOT to do in future.

Then, this afternoon I get yet another snotty email from a student who cannot see how she presents herself in class or via email and wants to know what I can do to help her from this point forward as I am too hard a grader for someone who has taught her nothing at all. In the effort to not write the words that come to mind, I open an email from a cherished friend who reminds me what I believe…Take a luscious listen and look at Andy’s Isle.


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