National Day on Writing

I missed the chocolate tasting at Ethel M.’s because the desktop refreshing took nearly three hours. Got most of the handwritten Midterms graded though, attended a 4Mat webinar and checked out Pearson’s Keys to Success, Brief edition when a rep dropped by unexpectedly. Even scored lunch at a birthday bash because a colleague asked me to come pick up some CDs and today I wore a hair tribute to old bagel ears herself – Princess Leah – and the party theme was the 70s. Life’s sweet NaNoWriMo it feels. And yes, I wrote 661 words on a new project even before I remembered it was NDW!

T-Mobile System Error?

A prefatory note for context’s sake:

A few months back I terminated my out of contract post-paid T-Mobile service because my bill changed every month despite the fact that my phone usage did not. Why, after all, would one want to pay upwards of $200 for two lines on an unlimited family plan when $110 for two unlimited everything plus international talk and text (though not to the darker skinned nations – Japan yes, Jamaica no) is included on one line.

So I go to pay my prepaid bill in a T-Mobile store this weekend and am told to check back later as the system is down. I go to another location later in the day and succeed because a representative enters the information manually. Payment confirmed, I leave with a sense of mission accomplished. I get a text message confirming the account status and go happily about my business until this morning. I attempt to call my husband’s doctor and receive an automated message saying that this type of call is not permitted. Three reps and 35 minutes later I am told that my account was suspended because I was charged for an international photo text sometime between when the account status was updated and the bill was paid. Who knew State College Pennsylvania was a foreign country! I bring that detail to the attention of Rep #2 along with a reminder that I have an unlimited talk, text, data and international plan and am assured all has been restored – including the 25 cent fee for the incorrectly labeled international text that started the mayhem. I proceed with my workout at the gym. Timing is everything.

Leaving the gym I check my phone to find the following two texts from T-Mobile. The first arrived at 8:24 a.m., the second at 9:37 a.m.

Free T-Mobile Msg: Great news, your Monthly Plan has been paid & renewed for another 30 days effective 10/18/2011. Plan good through 11/17/2011.

Free T-Mobile Msg: Due to insufficient balance, your plan is inactive. Apply a refill to renew your Monthly Plan. Visit for plan details.

What do you make of it? I invite anyone else caught in the confusion of Sunday’s system error to comment.

As One

Individual character and unity in the body of Christ are necessary as we move into the next level of faith and accountability. B. Dwayne Hardin delivered two powerful messages at Mountaintop Faith Ministries today. The Lord’s work is in fact finished. There’s work for us to do to see it manifest on earth as it is in heaven. Let’s get busy – as one.

The Test of Technology

Students serve each week in the roles of Discussant, Oracle, Columbo and Rogers. I write while they write once the Discussant has selected the topic. Normally, I save these freewrites in the same file each semester. One file per hybrid section of ENG 098. This semester, for some reason, all but two of the files I’ve saved are gone. If the Oracles have been capturing the facts as well as the feelings of each meeting, the topics will be recorded and I might be able to reconstruct something close to the original. The challenge is to realize we are the technology from the beginning.

Vacuums in Education

Though I’m officially taking a hall pass on this post due to another trhp to the hospital, I want to put in a place marker so I return to the spot to delight in the joys and pitfalls of serving as scapegoat in waiting for students. Also wanted to send a shout about the upcoming NaNoWrMo in November and thank God once again for Jesus.