When You Carom Off the Learning Curve

I have grown increasingly grateful for the dips and turns of the steep learning curve I’ve been on for the past few years. It does seem however, this weekend, that the culmination (okay, this particular bend in the road) has been more painful than all the previous ones combined. Or, as I imagined just moments ago, it appears that the perfect storm of finding a new home for my puppy, the change in address, and hubby’s medical and work-related events have made it possible me to feel all the great losses of the recent past, all at once.

Yesterday, when capsize seemed imminent, prayer partner to the rescue, we righted the wreck and like Paul, got to shore, by whatever means available. Praying like your life depends on it has its benefits. First, one realizes how true the need to pray without ceasing is and how powerful the prayer to be more real is when the answer comes rolling in like a flood. Second, facing the death not only of loved ones and cherished perspectives, but of the person you understood yourself to be leaves one free of earth-weights that no longer serve. Third, Oswald Chambers sums up the ultimate benefit thus:

“All God’s revelations are sealed until they are opened to us by obedience.”


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