To Love and To Cherish

Elizabeth George does it again. She stopped me in my tracks with the following observation: Finding the right person to marry is easier than being the right person. This week I had more than one opportunity to realize how Jesus is using my home life to make me a better teacher. The realization came out of my mouth this way while encouraging a student who was tired of waffling back and forth between sticking with and dropping the Preparatory Composition course she signed up for not knowing it was half in the classroom and half online: Sometimes, the only way out is through.

Just as none of us leaves this planet alive, none of us escapes the lessons adversity has to teach us. We may think we’re choosing a path wide of fill-in-the-blank, but in reality that thing we’re trying to avoid will simply morph and meet us around another corner wearing different loafers. Whether we learn the lessons or keep repeating them is another matter entirely. We can cling stubbornly to our resistance to accepting, admitting or releasing a certain perspective, paradigm or person or we can embrace it, plow it under, and use that same energy to cultivate something worth nurturing, nourishing and passing on. If only it were as funny as it is instructive walking in one’s own moccasins, eating one’s own words, taking one’s own medicine.

Lucille always said, balance or be balanced. Nubia’s translation of the same sentiment was “humble yourself or be humbled”. Doing both is an awkward cha-cha but it makes me oh so happy to know that Jesus is my dance partner and the Holy Spirit is conducting the orchestra.


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