Then, The Devil Left Her

After a significant wrestling match getting words on the screen I read today’s devotional. Here is a feminized excerpt:

A [wo]man’s disposition on the inside, i.e., what [she] possesses in [her] personality, determines what [she] is tempted by on the outside. The temptation fits the nature of the one tempted, and reveals the possibilities of the nature. Every [wo]man has the setting of [her] own temptation, and the temptation will come along the line of the ruling disposition.

Temptation is a suggested short cut to the realization of the highest at which I aim – not towards what I understand as evil, but towards what I understand as good. Oswald Chambers

What do you make of that? What occurs to me is that temptation is a given and, like sin, it is part of the reason the Holy Spirit abides with us even now. That being the case, once you have accepted your assignment, look not back. Enter the wilderness knowing that once you emerge on the other side you too will be fed by angels.


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