It Almost Felt Like Time Wasted

At first, I was overjoyed that the Direct TV installation crew knocked so early. It was minutes after 8 and despite the fact that I was just preparing a dance of praise as part of my new morning worship practice, it meant – or so I thought – that they would be out of here in a few. Turns out someone neglected to tell me that there would be a $70 fee for the tripod needed to install the dish and that another company, Direct Sat, was the only agent who could help me with this. Trouble was when I called their number and pressed the selections indicated, their outgoing message indicated a phone number belonging to Direct TV. So I dialed, and while on hold there, got on the internet looking for a better more direct customer service number, and noticed that the technician was also dialing his supervisor.

Nine calls using three cell phones later, someone picked up and agreed to a partial payment with the promise of an additional $20 coupon for first month’s service when I offered cancelling the service as my alternative and possibly preferred choice. Of course, just about then, came another knock on the door, to inform me that installation on the rocks on the public side of our patio is not permitted. Concerned about drilling holes in the patio concrete I called the front office on property. They gave me the restrictions and we proceeded.

I redeemed some of the hold time by revising documents for a Curriculum Committee presentation tomorrow – if the documents are sufficient to make tomorrow’s agenda – of the new course I piloted this summer and have renamed Migrant Literature. After ensuring that my department chair would be in to sign documents today, hubby and I were able to grab some breakfast across the street and get back in time for me to login to a webinar on Building Effective Learning Communities for Developmental Learners Online. Only that’s about when they decided to mow the grass in front of my freshly minted home office. I persevered having at once made the decision and found the accompanying desire and determination to participate in the webinar against all odds – the way I tell students to expect to be the resistance to everything that resists their commitment to learning. Webinar accomplished, hubby installed in front of the television, I believe I will take a nap before heading to campus to collect and carry the forms to their next destination. In celebration, I invite you to join me as I SMILE with Kirk Franklin.


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