A Day of Remembrance

Consider this selection from Oswald Chambers’ devotion for today:

Ministering as opportunity surrounds us does not mean selecting our surroundings, it means being very selectly God’s in any haphazard surroundings which He engineers for us.

Imagine. God doesn’t ask us what we’re good at, if we’re ready, interested or confident about when and how He will use us. Furthermore, He doesn’t invite or expect us to gather the necessary tools or people before He applies Himself through us in any given situation. Go figure. So why, then, do we expend so much energy and time on setting up life circumstances as close to our preferences as possible?

It took not only effort and time but years to set up a home office that is both functional and inviting. Yet, after all that sturm und drang I realize God is no more here than He was in every other circumstance He placed me in. Omnipresence, after all, is what it is and the fact of it is not to be taken for granted. Further, His command to write the vision, and make it plain upon tables that he may run that readeth it has not changed in neither the nearly 3,000 years since those words were written nor in the 30 or so years since I understood myself as being a scribe under orders in His service.

Today, for instance, I attended early service – the 21st Anniversary of Mountaintop Faith Ministries – and then Adult Christian Education where I was the alternate Adult Sunday School Teacher and armed with one good question. In the latter setting it was apparent that the leader would benefit from shifting the pressure to deliver the lesson in half the time normally afforded Sunday School back to God. While in the former, a service of celebration, it was clear that the Pastor had with grace learned how to split whatever earthly burden presented with the Master Teacher Christ Jesus and take His yoke upon him.

To remember and commemorate

I’d gone to the early service so I could spend the afternoon with the New York Times’ supplement on the 10th anniversary of September 11th and grade papers. Well, after calling ahead, and driving to three gas stations, I did secure the newspaper. But when I got home and began to try to read, I could not. When I tried to grade assignments, I could not. So I did what many of us do when faced with the garden variety type of resistance to working out our salvation, I took a nap.

Now, refreshed, I blog. After dinner I hope to respond to students’ submissions. Decades of time off-task have provided abundant evidence that as soon as I take the conditions off my service for the Lord and allow Him to use me, The Author and finisher of our faith will complete the task. I extend my heartfelt thanks to those saints within and beyond the body of Christ who simply continue rising to each occasion with humility and integrity be it disaster on the scale of 9/11 or a skirmish on the sidelines at a little league practice. Godspeed.


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