Here, I sit, cross-legged on carpet posting from a high-speed connection. Tomorrow, I’ll be wireless, but for now, it’s enough to be online with Donnie Mclurkin singing Holy from the gospel cable station. It was a long day. Cox arrived minutes after 5 and left close to 8:30 about when the friend of the Walker Furniture delivery guy arrived to pick up the drill and bits left behind. I ran at once to get the router and landlines at Best Buy doing what I believe will be close to my last sprint toward consumerism. There are still sheets and towels to be bought, astro-turf for the  bathroom and hardy plants for the wrought iron window box  on the patio but now that my office has a comfy chair, high desk / quilting station, dedicated prayer closet and soon to be wireless internet access, I believe I can lay in for a long winter’s nap. Hibernation, here I come!

I believe I’ve also solved today’s problem of high indoor temperatures. I think the windows were left open to the great 104-degree outdoors by the workmen who were adding finishing touches when we pulled up. Now to the students who probably noted my absence in cyberspace. I told one student in one course that today was moving day and expect she leaked it but there were several email in my campus, non-Angel queue so I’ll get to that, brush and floss and call it a very good night indeed. Amen.

P.S> I’m really happy the posts via email are effective.


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