I have learned at least these few things along this journey: One can never quite tell what God is up to at any given moment in or out of time. Simply trust that it is powerful good. For as good friends, over time, get sweeter and sweeter, so do God’s promises.


Enter, A New Semester

A friend of 20+ years, and colleague for the most recent two, albeit at a different institution, asked me how I came up with the ideas I use to design curricula or introduce a new semester. I tried to explain that I ask God and He answers. For some reason that answer didn’t seem as simple and direct to her as it did to me so I elaborated.

Sometimes, before I go to sleep at night,  I tell the Lord what I’m thinking about, puzzling over, hoping to muddle through, and in the morning when I wake up, or sometime later in the day or week, an idea presents itself and I use it.

Or at least I believe I said something along those lines and then emailed her my syllabus, a discussion board from the most recent semester with open-ended instructions and a rubric for how I graded one of the standing assignments in each class, the Legacy. This last assignment, considered a capstone essay, is a 500-word letter to the next class detailing how each student learned what s/he believe s/he learned along with samples in an ePortfolio in support of their claims for having mastered the various course objectives. Gratefully, ideas come like manna from heaven and have done so for the past 20 or so years.

Action Activates Faith

Pastor’s message got swiftly to the point, step out on,”Go” (Luke 19:30). The scriptures contain several such direct commands. I have lived the reality, more than once, of stepping out on faith. Jesus has met me, more than once, more than half the way. The rest of the morning was full of similar confirmation. We were treated in the 10:30 service to anointed psalmists, among whom was Leon Timbo. Pastor John White also brought a brief prophetic word. Get ready!


“…self-pity is satanic.”

Oswald Chambers does it again, folks! He nails the issue to the cross without so much as a by your leave. He takes no prisoners. Leaves no grey areas or wiggle room. He simply throws the gauntlet in your face and dares you to flinch. To haul oneself up by the scruff of one’s spiritual neck is the only response admissible. Will we walk in the light so far as we receive it, or will we cower in the shadows of self-realization at the expense of salvation paid by so high a price as the life of the only begotten Son of The Father? Well.

What’s Up With That?

Each time I try to blog via mobile #Wordpress something goes wonky. Tonight, from the Fortuna Cafe after picking up a friend from the airport, I tried to post at least a placeholder. It took several tries to access the Dashboard and then click correctly to post a new blog. When I finally did manage to get to the right page, my phone logged off the internet and returned to its Home screen. Aaaargh! When I clicked post by email that took me somewhere else entirely. Blogs by voicepost go to my other blog and so, I gave up until now when I’m actually too pooped to even attempt to remember what I intended to blog about earlier in the day. Gratitude is always in the air and I am grateful that Jesus continues to allow me to participate in and witness miracles daily. I am certain I had teaching and learning related thoughts today but will go to sleep on them and God willing, rise fresh for a new day and monthly meeting with Adult Christian Education Sunday School teachers. Saw a former student in the lobby as we were leaving the café. She hugged me and reminded me to come hear her sing sometime. She was off-duty and out having fun this evening.

The Help

Such a BIG story was contained in that small, gem-like offering of a screenplay. The history is so powerful that it’s hard to separate from the director or actor’s craft. The emotions are so large and lingering that it’s difficult to comment on any singular aspect of the film. The running commentary from members of our audience went from the nervously superficial to the sadly inane. It is simply too close to comment. Lucille Clifton spoke of such impossibilities best when she asked, can this sin live?