First Day of School

What is it about the first day of each semester that fills me with delight! It is always accompanied by frustration, disappointment and anxiety yet, it’s about the only thing I look forward to with genuine interest. I love the energy that precedes opening day. Often there are downloads from Spirit at midnight or dawn. Often I have a sense of being guided and companioned. Often there are discoveries and encounters that intrigue and engage more than my imagination. Today was one such day.

I might have been disappointed to discover the internet was down had I been more excited about the activities I’d planned, It could be quite a challenge to consider how one is to proceed in a class that meets once a week in class and the rest of the time online. Such news could have embarrassed someone else who’d invited a book representative to introduce the learning platform we are piloting this semester. Fortunately, I am disciplined and discipled by One Who never leaves nor forsakes me and into whose care I place each student and semester earlier and more genuinely each year. It gave me time to relax, check my agenda, and shift much of the focus onto the students processing of the information that they’d be getting without visuals. About midway through the class, a technician entered and left with a promise to return with a solution to the problem, leaving us in operable condition with the book reps laptop connected and projecting. After class, for the first time in my 20 years of teaching, two students, one serving as the week’s Oracle (note-taker) followed me to the office and cleared up whatever lingering questions they had promising to pass it on to all who signed the contact list. Nice work if you can get it.


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