Lifelong Learning

I attended an introductory lecture on essential oils given by a wonderful DoTerra consultant. Each month I try something new so I can speak first hand about my experience with each product. This month my adventure was the skin care line. Generally a three-step person, I was skeptical about using the tightening serum which represented the third in a four-step, twice daily facial cleansing regimen. Spoiled by the fragrant additives in department store cleansers, I was initially unphased by the organic smell of this product line. In fact, I was ready to make a gift of the whole set after using it only once.

Fortunately for me, I was out of time after washing my face and had to apply my lip gloss in the car. What I discovered there appeared to be bordering on the miraculous for no sooner had I flipped the visor and opened the mirror to apply my gloss than I realized the lines around my cheek area had already disappeared – even in the harsh afternoon light. Needless to say I’m keeping the cleansing kit and adding it to my list of great finds in this product line. Love the learning. Then, pass it on!


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