What’s Up With That?

Each time I try to blog via mobile #Wordpress something goes wonky. Tonight, from the Fortuna Cafe after picking up a friend from the airport, I tried to post at least a placeholder. It took several tries to access the Dashboard and then click correctly to post a new blog. When I finally did manage to get to the right page, my phone logged off the internet and returned to its Home screen. Aaaargh! When I clicked post by email that took me somewhere else entirely. Blogs by voicepost go to my other blog and so, I gave up until now when I’m actually too pooped to even attempt to remember what I intended to blog about earlier in the day. Gratitude is always in the air and I am grateful that Jesus continues to allow me to participate in and witness miracles daily. I am certain I had teaching and learning related thoughts today but will go to sleep on them and God willing, rise fresh for a new day and monthly meeting with Adult Christian Education Sunday School teachers. Saw a former student in the lobby as we were leaving the café. She hugged me and reminded me to come hear her sing sometime. She was off-duty and out having fun this evening.


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