The Best Teaching

The best teaching happens when I’m learning something. Not surprising. When I can get out of the way and make room for anything, anything becomes possible and I become part of it with my students and because of them. The steep learning curve I’m on in marriage offers confirmation of this. As soon as I can align myself with God’s will, a shift in my husband becomes possible. I’ve witnessed this so many times as to consider this relationship a mystery in the same way that Physics is a replicable mystery yet wholly inexplicable to those who are outside its sphere.

Tonight the shift in me came while I was taking out the trash. I’d determined to return the movies rented with free codes before I actually had to pay for them whether we’d watched them or not. I’d rented Of Gods and Men for me and Ong Bak 3 for my husband the night before. The latter movie ended up watching him while my movie held my interest to the end but was filmed and directed at such a meditative pace that I had to interrupt it several times before bedtime begged that I hit pause for the evening, and so had some 20 minutes remaining by the time we’d returned from the latest harangue with TMobile today. Truths so profoundly simple were offered in practically every frame and even the translation / English subtitles of the French were, at times, poetic even if not literal translations. Toward the end there was a last supper echo during which Christian shared something about The Incarnation being really our work here on earth. I wanted to write what he said down verbatim but felt that if I did I’d be held responsible for living it. Not that not writing it down gives me a hall pass and not that blogging about it doesn’t count…

Well, by the time I reached the trash compactor and in much the same way that apples plus oranges equal pears, I understood that I had not gotten married: A) for my husband’s sake, as so many suspect but have just enough self-restraint to keep their suspicions to themselves. Nor, B) Had I married for God’s sake, as I had heretofore believed, in obedience to the one true thing I heard when I asked Him what I should do next – though this notion, and untold volumes of grace, is what has gotten this far. But I have in fact married C) for my sake, to unite with the Bridegroom in the Finished Work of the Cross here on earth, for such a time as this. So help me, Holy Spirit. More on this by and by.


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