I Will Follow

After introducing us to Jehovah Ro’i/ ROHI, The Shepherd of the 23rd Psalm, Elizabeth George, author of Quiet Confidence for a Woman’s Heart, asks readers an arresting question: “What type of sheep are you?” She then offers three possibilities from which to choose.

As I was on the treadmill listening to the first 3 chapters of her book, I was unable to write them down. What I do remember is the distinct feeling that this was a true question worthy of a true answer and so I have continued turning it over in my mind throughout the day. How would I characterize my sheep-ish qualities? Do I follow jubilantly, reluctantly, inconsistently? And how can I improve my followership even as I am learning more about my Shepherd.

I wanted to contact the author at once with heartfelt thanks. Finally, a question to stump the stumper! Despite the fact that students are often impatient with questions I don’t have the answers to, I feel honored by such questions because they require fresh thought – something sadly lacking in the circles I travel. How am I going to bring fresh thought and questions worthy of us to this new semester? Lead on, my LORD. Lead on.


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