You Know You’re On The Right Path When…

… All Hell Breaks Loose. Move over Jeff Foxworthy. You know you’re a saint when the closer you get to Jesus the louder the Devil screams. The trick is the Devil screams using our own habits, hands, and mouths against us so we can barely tell he’s screaming at all. His threat is like the wallpaper. It’s ubiquitous and so often we ignore it at our peril. Fortunate for us we were ordained, anointed and appointed as more than conquerors so we really don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Remembering it’s all small stuff is another thing entirely.

Neo's Bullet Time in the Matrix found on Yahweh's Song

The most innocuous activities can reveal where we are gaining or temporarily ceding the field. Take today, for instance. Hubby and I are out shopping for more than groceries and for more than a couple hours. I begin to notice disinterest setting in on my side. I begin to notice that the disinterest goes deeper than interest in the matter at hand. As instantly, I notice how I still have the option to place my attention anywhere I want it and the privilege to know I have options. I start to pray something along these lines:

Father, grant me the patience to give what you have given me freely, cheerfully to my husband, the sales people, this moment. Allow me to intercede instead of interfere with your plan for us all. Allow me to wait on and serve you instead of grouse about waiting on my husband to make up or stop changing his mind. Allow me to see the beauty in his choices and to genuinely seek partnership in spirit and in truth, not just in letter or by duty bound.

The way I know I am on the right path is that those actual words didn’t have to come to me before I jumped down from my high and mighty and started actually caring about the process more than the outcome of our shopping adventure. I had throughout the high and low points a genuine peace and inextinguishable faith that it is in deed well with my soul. I continue to have proof positive that speaking life daily over our marriage and the transformation of our minds after that of Christ Jesus is effective against each and every firey dart of the enemy.


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