Marriage: Not Your Average Three-Legged Race

Marriage is no joke. It’s a spiritual gymnasium and God intends for both players to be fit. When Jesus is your life-coach you can expect a strenuous workout. And, at weekly weigh-in, when it comes time to pay the piper, no one can take your laps for you. No one can do your crunches and no one can bench press your weight but you.

No amount of love in this world can do for you what Christ has already done, so don’t waste your time or His trying to spare your beloved time on task. We can’t even give ’em a head’s up. Every circuit is tailor-made for the soul in training. Each must work out her own salvation. There are no short cuts to spiritual fitness. What worked for one may not necessarily work for both. There are no cliff notes, spark notes, crib sheets, essays for sale. And there will be a final exam – face to face. Salvation is after all an inside job.

Oswald Chambers further cautions:

Are we playing the spiritual amateur providence in other lives? Are we so noisy in our instruction of others that God cannot get anywhere near them? We have to keep our mouths shut and our spirits alert.

We may intercede for those we love but we must not interfere. Souls under construction are fragile and only one touch is right for such occasion and it’s not human. To be humane, take up your post as witness: Stand back, and let the Word do the work.


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