Mission Accomplished!

The pressure was on. The alarm was supposed to go off at 3:45 a.m. so I could spend 15 minutes on my back talking with Jesus before waking M’Dear to take the dogs out, feed them, pack and meet the cab at 5. I’d stayed up way later than expected feeling compelled to pack at least my bag once all her clothes were washed and folded. I’d have close to an hour of shut-eye by the time I was horizontal. That is after getting up once to look for the cross the body sling I wanted to carry instead of the over the shoulder purse, and another time to limit access to the recently completed online course folders so I could move content around and see what’s what before the next semester opens.

Well, things didn’t quite go as planned and the next thing I knew, I’d rolled over to hear the dogs barking, squinted at the time on the cellphone through the silently vibrating flight alarm to discover it was 5:24 and the taxi driver who was expected at 5 was knocking at the door. I simply prayed the name of Jesus each step toward the door, made hasty apologies, thanking the driver for knocking and promised to be out presently.

Only the Holy Ghost could pull this one off. M’Dear was still face down, feet hanging off a corner of the bed where she’d arranged herself after the neighbor’s impromptu birthday/farewell celebration for her, and after not doing a single thing beyond making the three piles I’d requested before leaving to pick up textbooks for the new class on Personal Evangelism I was notified I’d be teaching a few hours earlier. He’s never failed me yet and never will.

She had neither emptied her suitcases since the day of arrival two months earlier, nor packed them for departure this morning. We had fewer than 30 minutes to organize (stuff everything really) and make it to the airport if we were to make the 60 minute check-in window the airlines require. I just kept praying the name of Jesus and getting one more thing closer to the door with each step. Somehow, we made it, seams bursting, phone charger cables dangling, into the cab. This time, instead of door keys, it was eyeglasses that threatened to undo the trip for which all else had been preparation.

To calm myself, I started thanks-giving aloud. I asked M’Dear what she was thankful for and she said her camps, the cab, friends and family who loved her. I launched into a full blown prayer of thanksgiving to stave off the utter panic that threatened to topple the favor we were already quite evidently riding in. Low voiced but apparently audible, I continued with the items I would have mentioned had I the time I’d planned for talking with the Lord. I listed each part of the full armor of God, covered the driver and his family, thanked God for giving him the desires of his heart, bound the enemy, dispatched angels, blessed the master’s degree candidate’s thesis defense I was expected to attend via telephone once we landed, and spoke life over my household, marriage, relatives and friends ending with a sense of peace that whatever happened at the airport, it is indeed well with my soul.

When we pulled up to curbside check-in the driver patiently waited, hatch open, as I attempted to close the carry on and duffel bag without breaking either zipper. He deposited the closed items on the sidewalk and waited till I remembered payment was due. I got flustered again, gave him a huge tip, and said I was so grateful I could hug him as I leaned in his direction for permission. He stepped toward me and I embraced him. He said softly, it’s been a long time since I heard someone pray like that. That’s when the dam broke. That’s when I realized, yet again how precisely all things work together for good to them that love God and are the called according to His purpose. I figure being late for just such a purpose was more than worth it. I smiled and went to meet my next angel at curbside check-in and later was bid fond farewell by colleagues clearing security at precisely the same time we were. Thanks, Je-Sus! Mission accomplished.


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