Life Is Beautiful

It’s a wonderful life when a student who is not certain of passing writes to say, no matter how the grading goes, I’ve learned and lived by what you taught us. It doesn’t get any better than that. This student took time to provide examples of her recent life experience and parallel it with themes we’ve been exploring in Immigrant Literature. I still feel I should find a better name for the course, but so far it’s done the job. No one has asked me to explain the content. Now, the processes of the course are another story but I am gratified that as many students who completed the course appreciated what it had to offer. Can’t wait till I go public with their Legacies.

On the other hand, life remains beautiful even when a supervisor suggests you should withdraw a student from a class when there are no extenuating circumstances and it seems obvious that the old boy network is the only thing in the student’s favor. At what age are some men allowed to suffer the consequences for not growing a conscience? Some women pay the consequences every day.


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