Spitting Distance

We’re coming down the homestretch. Thrill is in the air. We are within spitting distance of the finish line! Why, then, does it feel so anticlimactic when a semester ends? Does anyone have ways to end online classes on a celebratory note? If so, I invite you to share those strategies.

Be Happy as a Pig...

My Legacy project often leaves learners feeling completely satisfied with their growth during the term. They often post these letters to incoming students along with appreciations of classmates and well wishes to all. What more am I looking for? What is my quest? In order to maintain air-speed velocity, just how many times per second does a swallow need to beat its wings, King Arthur? No matter how many A’s are earned, instead of kvelling over the successes, I whinge over the F’s and W’s that got away. How might this be squared against my intention to anticipate the best outcome at all times? How can we make good on our promise to leave no one behind?


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