Daily Intimacy: A Life Practice

According to Oswald Chambers we must:

“practise in our physical life what God has put in us by His Spirit…”

Simple enough counsel, so what gets in the way? Life. The Natural Man. The Enemy. Whatever the reason, whatever the season, there is no escaping the charge of treason if we fail to practice. In recent years, months and weeks I have simply attempted to use the discipline of stewardship as my spiritual gymnasium. That is to say, I’ve attempted to take excellent care of the temple God has entrusted to me. Who’d’ve thought getting enough sleep, rest, exercise, time with God, would prove so great a challenge, though He did say he would use the simple things of this world to confound the wise (I Corinthians 1:27).

Years ago I thought I was above average in every department except well-rested. I was well-organized, well-exercised, well-nourished – or at least so I thought. God has escalated my discipleship to the next level and elevated His standard in me. He’s added a husband, two dogs, and, if I’m hearing correctly, a few writing-related projects. Of course, He has not added without providing the support and motivation, or without taking away several other concerns. Still, I am humbled by how far I seem to be from the mark on a daily basis.

What will it take in deed, to BE my utmost for His highest?


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