Equal Opportunity

Larry Crown with an 'e'

In the same way that life is what happens when you’re making other plans, true learning is what happens on your way to getting an education. At least, this was the case of Larry Crown with an ‘e’. He was open to the adventure of re-imagining himself when all doors leading to Larry as he knew himself slammed shut. His initial motivation to attend the local community college was a last-ditch effort to save himself after being fired. One thing I liked about the details of Tom Hanks’ performance and direction of the film was the way his character kept himself while losing everything else. Most people wouldn’t even have noticed how he picked up the trash on campus just as he had when starting his day at U-Mart. This was a purposeful counterpoint to his obvious openness to changing everything else from his hairstyle to the feng shui of his living room. As one friend who attended the film with me said, his character was about humility. He was humble enough to accept a job as a cook in a local greasy spoon, to sell his car and drive a scooter, to let go of the house that was the center of his dream of having a family and move to an apartment with the smallest kitchen on the planet. Despite the winds of change and the accompanying disillusionment, humility and commitment win the prize and are the only craft strong enough to carry one from this to that.


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