Control Is Over-Rated

Sacred Geometry

Technology extends our illusion that we have control over things. In reality, the only thing we have control over is how we respond to what happens to us. Technology is promoted as a convenience and familiarity with it increases our comfort measurably. What’s not being questioned as aggressively however is what’s driving us to seek comfort so doggedly, mindlessly and incessantly. If we could invent something to think for us, would we use it? If you attempt to answer it means you think you’re thinking. Not likely and that’s the point.

The paradox of submission lies in this: to find one self one must abandon every self-interest. Once found, that self is offered bodily as a gift to the Creator. With transformation, all other transactions are irrelevant.

Another paradox, to live a life abandoned to God, I must grow into the excellence of stewardship. I would be a faithful steward of a faithful Heavenly Father down to the scruple. So, despite all the other attempts that have failed, I buy yet another planner, another pen, and concoct another legend of stickers whose symbols as they multiply day after day, week after week will give a quick visual index of just how excellent my stewardship of this temple and everything connected to it has been. To wit, discipline is required if abandon is the goal. Go figure.


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