Trouble in Paradise

Ever have one of those extended moments when you could not remember something you do regularly? Take say a math equation, for example, a formula that say you use every semester, each time you grade a particular assignment. Well, the Midterm grades were [over]due and I had already talked myself to remembering how to solve for X with a friend with a math mind last week. Only I was driving and so couldn’t write it down and so found myself relying on memory to serve where it had already proven unreliable. Then, as the week progressed, that section of the grading fell lower on the priority list of assignments to read as others were submitted. An email from a student this evening reminded me where I’d left off.

Earlier in the day, I’d had trouble accessing the internet and finally figured out that I hadn’t paid the bill. Reconciling this while working on the desktop in the office, I forgot all about the issue until after dinner. See a pattern here? This time however, when the internet was sluggish, I decided to high-tail it to the coffee shop on the corner offering free wifi. I was doubly rewarded for my efforts by the server who, not once but twice, offered me free, full-sized samples of their desserts. I brought the second one home for M’Dear who, though she’d recovered from the reprimand following bouts with gluttony and self-centeredness at Sweet Tomatoes, probably still could use a hug. More on raising other people’s children later.

At any rate, though the internet was ready to receive the grades, my memory was not so poised to yield up the formula to calculate them. Fortunately, a woman who spoke only Turkish was seated beside me so I had to struggle through on my own. Jesus is my help! Not only that, but everyone I knew on both coasts and several continents were probably already asleep so, necessity being the mother of invention, I noodled along until I recalled how to calculate the simple 98 over 100 is x over 20 equation. Doh! I also answered the email I’d received and posted the Extra Credit link at least one student had inquired after, hence I fergot to post this blog till now. Sheesh.

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