Spent most of the day with Hubby while shuttling M’Dear hither and yon and grading the first Discussion Board for the week. Coming out of a resto for lunch, we saw a 2012 Prius. One thing led to another and well, I ditched the idea of waiting for the Nissan Leaf to make it to the Vegas Valley, stopped by the Honda Showroom and got a quote from Ford. We’ll continuing waiting for the next move of God in that and other areas.

We also tried to figure out how to get a mini vacation in tonight and tomorrow night but given the upcoming Independence Day weekend, all the places we could drive to easily were already booked. We stopped by Sweet Tomatoes as a consolation prize.

Early in the morning, God started whispering in my ear. I rose up singing and was led at once to Isaiah 61. It dawned in consciousness as confirmation of so very many things that distilled as revelation as I read and re-read the verses. Parts of yesterday’s sermon became clearer and I was able to share those with Hubby over breakfast, note for note. PTL! Portions of sermons from previous Bible Studies and guest pastors’ prophecies were brought again to my remembrance and a sense of mission was re-calibrated and refocused for God’s glory. Indeed, today was a red-letter day in more ways than one. I was left with an abiding sense of purpose and understood, as never before, how important it really is to reclaim and hold the territory for God’s Kingdom on Earth. And this knowing settled into my bones: If you leave the field, you cannot win it for Jesus. You’ve got to be in it to win it. For even when the battle is His, the victory is ours, if we endure unto the end. Checkmate.

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