Too Good to Keep to Myself

An open, lightly edited, letter to my Sister.

Reishi Grows on Trees

My husband brought home samples of Organo Gold Ganoderma Black Coffee a couple weeks ago. I was going to make a cup of coffee after speaking with you this evening to take another nap on the couch. Yes, I’d taken one after church today, and yes, coffee makes me sleepy. Instead, I decided to at least give his ‘Fuller Brush Salesman friend’ a nod, and so logged on to research Ganoderma mushroom – as yesterday’s Raw Food demo Chef Sharynne had also mentioned this ‘good’ coffee (low in acids ) as an healthful alternative. I found several credible articles and came across a recommendation for Asthma-dren for folk who suffer with upper respiratory ailments. Thought you might like to check it out in this season of accelerated supernatural spiritual assistance.

I may just try an order of Organo Gold from hubby’s friend. The first cup was not half as bitter as I expected and it left practically no grounds so I’m guessing it was mostly mushroom powder. I tried it plain, with Parmalat whole milk, and Coffeemate Italian Cream – all yummy. A bold yet smooth, earthy coffee flavor.

I definitely felt a lift at once, yet remained ready to knock out for the night. Half an hour later, mellow would best describe my mood. Won’t sleep while M’Dear is outside though and night is falling …

Attached find raw notes from yesterday’s Raw Foods demo and today’s message about defeating the Kings of demonic forces brought by Rich Marshall.

Love and lingzhi!

P.S. Salt is asleep in her kennel. This is the first time I’ve heard her dreaming and snoring! Pepper walked over to her kennel as if to check on her. She stopped snoring, lifted her head to see him walking toward the front door, as if he were expecting M’Dear to walk in any moment. She went back to sleep. Pepper returned to his post underneath my chair after making his rounds. All is well chez nous.

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