Raw, Raw, Raw Your Food

Also check out Raw in Ten MinutesHave you ever just seen somebody you thought you should know without knowing why? That happened to me last weekend as I was checking out at Sunflower Market. I saw a face on a flyer and just felt I had to know more about her. So this afternoon, at 12:45, M’Dear and I headed West after I’d graded all but one of the remaining Process Papers for Immigrant Literature’s Midterm, and she copied a few lines from El Pos de Supremo, the Spanish version of Oswald Chambers’ devotional, My Utmost For His Highest. I’d planned to embroider a few lines from the devotional in time for Tio’s birthday, today, but haven’t quite gotten that far.

As backup, I’d bought a delightful single serving slice of Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake, and had propped a birthday card and gift card at his place setting at the dining table for when he returned home this morning at about 2 a.m. when I realized the embroidery idea wasn’t going to make the deadline, despite multiple alarms in my cellphone beginning several weeks out.

In any case, to find out more about Chef Sharynne’s smiling eyes I attended her Raw Food demo this afternoon. Dee-lish! Needless to say, I bought one copy of her book, How to Change Your Life With Raw and Living Food, for me and one for a friend living outside of Atlanta. I guess between listening to three chapters of the New Testament a day, studying, using and sharing the gospel and essential oils, and integrating more raw foods into my diet I’m truly being made a new creature from the inside out. This truly is a new season of supernatural spiritual assistance. Can’t you just feel the breakthrough coming on!

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