Breakthrough Moments

A friend shared a link to a blog on deciding whether to be a thermometer or a thermostat. Reading it and the accompanying commentary, I realized that until Wednesday, at home at least, I was a thermometer. I say I was a thermometer until Wednesday because about the time I was entering Bible Study that evening, I became aware of having made some kind of breakthrough and was grinning from ear to ear before I hit the door.
Nothing in my circumstances had changed to all outward appearances but something inside had definitely shifted. Many people noticed it, and early in the service, after taking a victory lap around the sanctuary, I was able to identify it as liberation. Needless to say, the tears of joyful release were streaming. I simply felt a freedom that I hadn’t felt in a very long time and I have since been able to walk in that sensation and it hasn’t left me. I am likewise confident to confess that I don’t believe it ever will. Humankind didn’t give it to me so humankind can’t take it away.

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