Tis the Season, of The Overflow

by Ada Flor & Reg Cartwright, Illustrator

Excitement is in the air. From M’Dear completing her first read of the summer and Pastor appearing on TBN, to walking over to the new neighbor’s with the orange butterfly chair on my head and Lavender Baby Wash in my pocket, it’s the season of the overflow. This blog will be a jumble of jubilation starting about now! Thought I was jazzed hearing Rev. Dr. Clarence McLendon’s remarks about favor as he unlocked the mysteries of the Exodus but then Pastor Clinton House came on and, shazaam! Once he got going, I could barely contain my praise. Realizing I was in my own living room, I gave myself permission to talk back to the computer and clap out loud. Raw notes follow.

Happy to make a new neighbor friend after seeing both her and her husband alternately pacing about the property with baby strapped to their chests for the last few nights running. They’re from the East Coast too. We exchanged mobile numbers and agreed to find each other on FB.

After visiting this afternoon with a colleague heading for greener pastures, literally, outside of Dallas – 20 acres to be exact – M’Dear asked to stop in to the rather fetching college library. We entered and waited to greet a another colleague busily at work helping a student understand the point of quoting and paraphrasing information. Once free, she led us directly to the children’s section apologizing for the limited selection with a step stool. M’Dear ascended at once, pulled down two titles and began reading, despite having a public library book, The Summer of May, that she is reluctant to finish waiting for her in the back seat of the car and another, purchased outright on Saturday at B n N. In any case, she tucked right into the Three Golden Oranges even before the engine had turned over and we headed to pick up Tio at work. Before going to bed, but after eating her third bowl of home made chicken soup for the day and writing in her journal, she drafted a letter to her other Aunt summarizing the story to earn the dollar promised for completing a text.

Notes from live streaming of tonght’s 7 p.m. PST TBN broadcast with Clifton Davis.

Nia Allen sang Wait
. Positively glorious – une arme essential for every gospel arsenal.

Reverend Dr. Clarence McLendon shared wisdom’s feast on Exodus 3:21-22
, reminding us that like the Children of Israel from Egypt, we are delivered for the purpose of worship.
 God had blessed Egypt for four hundred years and they would not worship him. And we are now in a similar supernatural blessing season so like the Israelites, we too should ask, prophesy and prepare.

xodus 11 verses 2 & 3 tell us to speak now, prophesy now, focus on the favor not the chaos of world events and conditions. 
We are in a season of unprecedented favor.
 Read Exodus 12:35-36 and Exodus 19:1-2

It is God’s will that we prosper – that we help people worship with every gift He gives us.

Davis asked House to speak about God defending His reputation. Pastor quoted verses in Psalms 109 and Davis the 23rd Psalm. They laughed about God being in the kitchen for some time before preparing a meal in the presence of mine enemies.

Storm strategies:

  • Go deeper in prayer.
Pace yourself.
  • Live on purpose.
  • Develop relationships
 with God and man. This may require new friends.
  • Look for new opportunities to succeed.

I was reminded of how inspired I felt during the actual sermon in which Pastor delivered the strategies listed above. And I am gratified to know that all are in progress though pacing myself still needs the most attention. The evening ended on a high note when Pastors House and Davis agreed: God works best in our valleys.
 God will fight with you and for you if you just make it to the 7th day. We count it done in Jesus’ name.


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