Hanging By A Thread: Notes From A Father’s Day Sermon

More often than not we miss the truly significant because we are distracted by the superficially emergent. Early in Pastor House’s message this morning he uttered the following phrase:

A real call of God has to have a real encounter with God. Pastor Clinton House, Sr.

I was glad I’d already gotten my pen and paper out by the time those words were spoken. Immediately, they afforded me context, confirmation and encouragement regarding the most recent series of events. As Pastor continued to build the message, this note was sounded subtly but consistently. Paul’s story of transformation and transcendence in Acts 9: 23-25 was used to illustrate this concept of a period of separation following an invitation or annunciation.

Over time, and in several ways, we came to understand that humility is a precondition of deliverance. What follows are more or less my raw notes on a timely, tailor-made sermon.

Where there’s a call there’s separation.

God’s investment in me, the anointing on my life is too great for Him to allow me to allow the enemy to kill me. Remembering the hand of God on my life in times past should be enough to remind me that the call on my life must be answered.

I am too anointed for God to give up on me. We could not endure what we’re going through without God’s anointing and favor on our lives. The Devil doesn’t chase non-anointed folk. The question is, am I humble enough to trust and enter the basket? God will use something insignificant to save us, so watch the little things that God will use/do to get you through.


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