Not So Random Thoughts

So I’m on the treadmill Day 5 of 7 this morning before the rest of the house (except the dogs) awakens. Actually, I’m on the elliptical waiting for the treadmill, where I will read whatever is possible of the Adult Sunday School lesson on love with the time remaining in my 25 minute workout, when all of a sudden the television overhead catches my attention. The segment begins with what I believe is a Muslim call to prayer at dawn. It continues layering visual and aural images with truly inspired segments of prayer ceremonies from various cultures around the world. By the end tears of elation are streaming down my own cheeks. Go figure: the way to happiness makes me cry! To me contact with the Creator is a dance of exultation and several cultures continue to practice these joyous, graceful gestures.

Perhaps it really is time to begin the dawn dances that came to me when I first realized working out in the morning was my best option for consistency but not as satisfying as possible because it currently involves secular news and music that neither edify me nor glorify Jesus. Perhaps it is all possible now. The community center with library, juice bar, gallery and dance space. Perhaps just as my colleague’s Zuumba group, dispersed due to the landlord’s divorce, found a new location to dance, I can find an existing structure and dedicate it to the Lord and begin with donated books and tutoring time, volunteer laborers in the juice bar willing to trade work for classes, and morning celebrants.


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